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The Girls Of Gryffindor

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The Start of Term Ball: [Sep. 17th, 2003|01:02 pm]
The Girls Of Gryffindor
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Its late, and I'm sleepy, but I wanted to write about the Ball while everything is still fresh in my mind. We had a lovely time. :) I suppose I will just start at the begining and go from there eh? Lavender and Parvati had agreed to help Ginny and I get ready so the four of us barricaded ourselves in our room. Parvati took on the mess that is myself and Lavender was helping Ginny. First Parvati did my hair. I don't know how she does it really, it was a stroke of genius. She straightened my hair out not with that awful sleekezys hair gel I used last year put with a muggle hair dryer and a brush. Much less messy and it worked really well. my hair was perfectly straight, then she pulled it back into the most beautiful french twist i have ever seen. Despite how I like to tease her and Lavender about their obsessions with hair and fashion they are both excellent at what they do. After my hair was all done and secured against falling out with a small charm she started to help me put on my makeup. She used all these shimmery purples and blues and even I didn't recognize myself. Then she put these little sparkles on my cheeks with her wand. The overall effect was very nice. I had thought I was done there but then Parvati noticed my fingernails, which had never even occured to me. I suppose they did look a bit ragged. I tend to chew on them when I get nervous or worried. She pulled out her wand again and set about giving me a manicure. My mouth gaped when I saw them after she had finished. I had never seen them look like that in my life. She had filed them smooth and made them longer, much longer than I have ever seen them before. She painted them a pale pale purple and they looked just beautiful. After that she seemed satisfied. And So I changed into my robes. Lavender hadn't quite finished with Ginny and I was watching Parvati get herself ready when I heard shouts comming from downstairs. Harry and Ron were standing at the bottom of the stairway yelling at the two of us to hurry up and that they were going to leave without us soon. I smiled evily and said "watch this girls." I snuck out the door and to the top of the stairway where the boys couldn't see me. I aimed my wand at them and muttered a charm under my breath. First I pointed it at Harry. Then Ron. I heard their cries of shock and surprise as they looked down to find themselves in pink and purple coloured robes. I couldn't help it, I started laughing at the sight of them trying to hide their new attire from the others still in the common room. They heard me. "HERMIONE!" Harry yelled and started up the stairs after me. "Harry wait-" Ron started trying to warn his friend. Too Late. The stairs turned into a slide and harry went tumbling head over heels back down to the common room. Ginny, Lavender, and Parvati were all peeking out the doorway shrieking with laughter. Ginny wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and pointed her wand at the boys undoing my little prank and turning their robes back to normal. We ducked back inside the room to finish getting ready.

Ginny and I were finally done. Parvati and Lavender stayed in the room to finish getting themselves ready. So Gin and I stepped out into the hallway and made out way down the stairs. The boys grinned when they saw us. Harry ruffled his hair and Ron's ears turned pink. "Ready then?" Said Harry and we nodded. The four of us went down the hallway together making our way down the the great hall. We passed Draco Malfoy and Millicent Bullstrode on the way there. Crabbe and Goyle followed with Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini behind. Malfoy raised one of his eyebrows at us, "Well isn't that sweet. Potty and the Weas-" he started to say. When Professor McGonagall started making her way towards them. He closed his mouth and he and his date along with his cronies skulked off down the hallway. Professor McGonagall nodded to them and gave them a small smile. She proceeded into the great hall. Ginny in the meantime pulled out her wand. "Watch this..." she whispered. She aimed it at the back of Millicent's robes. Using a clever cutting charm she cut a very large hole in the back of the Slytherin Girl's robes. My eyes widened and I was about to try to help the girl with the other 3 burst into laughter and dragged me off before I could say anthing.

We sat down at the tables and began eating. The food was excellent and I loved being there with my 3 best friends. We talked and laughed the whole time. Then the food began dissappearing off the tables and a band that had been setting up earlier began to play. Ginny immediately grabbed Harry and dragged him off to the dance floor. I was smiling, watching them when Ron put his hand on top of mine and asked me to dance. I blushed and said yes. We made our way to the dance floor and I about fainted when Ron started leading me around the floor. He was an excellent dancer! He twirled me around and brought me back into his arms. I laughed and whispered. "Ronald Weasley, where did you learn to dance?" He blushed a little and looked to the floor. I smiled at him, he leaned in close to me as we danced and whispered into my ear. "I had Parvati teach me." My eyes widened for the second time that night. "Really?" I asked. "Yes. I just wanted you to have fun tonight. And last year at the christmas ball I was so terrible. So I asked her if she would give me lessons and she did. All last week."
I grinned, "How could I not have fun with you?" I kissed him on the cheek and spun around again. We danced for a long time. Then we all traded partners and I danced with Harry and Ginny ended up with Lee while Alica danced with Fred. George spun Angelina around the dance floor and Ron danced with Katie Bell. We all kept switching places untill everyone had danced with everyone else at least once. It was great fun. And almost all the boys were suprisingly good dancers. I couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Hannah Abbot who was wincing painfully everytime Neville trod on one of her toes.

All to soon the music ended and students began to filter out of the hall. The four of us snuck away from the crowd and across the lawns to sit by the lakes shore. It was beautiful. The stars, the moon, all my friends. I hadn't been that happy in a long time. It was nice. We talked and laughed about everything. But soon it got very late and we decided it was best that we go inside. Ron and I slowed as we walked and let Ginny and Harry go ahead of us. Ron tentativly put his arm around my waist as we walked and I leaned against his shoulder. We stopped when we got to the portrait hole. I could hear Ginny giggling a little inside and didn't want to disturb her and Harry just yet. I looked up at Ron, wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him softly. His arms tightened around my waist keeping me close to him. We stayed that way until Dean, Parvati, Lavender and Seamus came up behind them and started making kissing noises. We broke apart. Ron blushing and me laughing to cover my own embarassment. The six of us went inside and found Ginny and Harry doing the same thing Ron and I had just been caught doing. "Jeez? What is with you people?" Said Dean in mock exhasperation. Harry and Ginny broke apart. We girls said our goodnights and went up the staircase together leaving the boys in the common room to talk about lord knows what. We got to the top of the stairs when I stopped the girls. I whispered something to them and they all grinned back at me, nodding. "Hey Guys?" Lavender called out to them from the stairs. They all looked up at us. "We forgot one more thing...." Parvati finished. "And that would be?" Seamus asked. "THIS!" we all yelled pointing our wands at them and yelled my charm for colour changing robes. Rons robes turned Bright yellow, Harry's turned puke green. Deans ended up tye-dyed and Poor Seamus was stuck in hot pink robes. They all looked down at themselves horrified as the four of us in peals of laughter ran to our rooms.