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Finally, my account of the Ball [Oct. 4th, 2003|11:47 am]
The Girls Of Gryffindor


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I'm ever so sorry that I haven't been around. After the ball, everything was so busy. The teachers decided to pile the work on again. But now it is Saturday, and I've already finished my homework. (I'm turning into Hermione!) That said, I'll tell all about the ball today.

First of all, we all had an absolutely lovely time! Everything was so much fun. It was wonderful from the very beginning. There we were, Me, Hermione, Lavendar, and Parvati, locked up in the dormitory. Parvati worked on Hermione, and Lavendar was with me. First, Lavendar did my hair. She used a spell to warm a portion of her wand as if it were what the Muggles call a "curling iron". (I wonder if Dad has one of those.) Then she took sections of my hair, twisted them to the top, and then she curled each section. When she was done curling, she put little blue silk flowers in it. It was so pretty! When Lavendar was finished, she used a charm to keep it from falling down, and then she started on my makeup. Since I'm so pale already, Lavendar didn't feel the need for powder. She put shimmery eyeliner on my eyes and then curled my eyelashes. Then she dusted my cheeks with pretty pink blush and put matching colour on my lips. In the meantime, I was glancing over at Hermione and Parvati. Parvati was doing a wonderful job. She managed to make Hermione's hair sleek and shiny without Sleekeasy's! So then, Lavendar had a look at my nails and decided that I needed a manicure. She clipped and filed and polished. When she was finished, I was amazed. They were long and smooth and painted silver. By the time Lavendar was finished with me, Hermione was already in her robes, and Parvati was also changing, so I decided to go ahead and change. My robes were still perfectly pressed, and Lavendar's spell worked just fine because after I had pulled them over my head, my hair was still in perfect condition. I was watching Parvati get herself ready when I heard shouts comming from downstairs. Soon we could hear Ron and Harry yelling from the bottom of the stairs, telling us to hurry up and that they would leave without us. Hermione smiled evily and said "Watch this, girls,", and do you know what she did next, Diary? She snuck out and changed the boys' robes to a girls' colour! Harry's turned pink, and Ron's became purple! (Let me just say that he looks almost as bad in purple as he does in maroon.) Then Harry tried to sneak up the stairs to the girls dormitory. However, the poor thing forgot that when a boy tries to sneak into the girls room, the stairs turn into a slide, and he went tumbling backwards! Lavender,Parvati and I had been watching them from the doorway, and we were shrieking with laughter. I actually wiped a tear from the corner of my eye! Then I decided to help Hermione out. I pointed my wand at the boys, turning their robes back to normal. They actually looked quite nice themselves. Harry still wore the same green ones, only I think he might have had them let out since he's grown. Ron's were a lovely royal blue. They really brought out his eyes. I knew Hermione would be impressed. We ducked back inside the room to finish getting ready.

When Hermione and I were finished, Lavendar and Parvati weren't quite ready, so Mione and I left. When we reached the stairs, Harry and Ron looked up and just stared for a moment. Harry ruffled his hair, and Ron's ears turned pink. Hermione and I grinned at each other. "Ready then?" said Harry and we nodded. Harry held his arm out to me, and I took it. The four of us went down the hallway together making our way down the the great hall. We passed Draco Malfoy and Millicent Bullstrode on the way there. Millicent's robes were quite unflattering. They were mint green and about two sizes too small. (Funny, I always saw Millicent with Crabbe or Goyle. I guess her strong resemblance to them was too frightening!) Crabbe and Goyle followed with Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini behind. (I guess when it comes to sticking with the purebloods, as they're all so concerned, there's really no such thing as good tastes, anymore.) Malfoy raised one of his eyebrows at us, "Well isn't that sweet. Potty and the Weas-" he started to say. When Professor McGonagall started making her way towards them, he stopped, and then he, Millicent, and the rest of the cronies walked away. Professor McGonagall nodded to them and gave them a small smile and proceeded into the great hall. WHen she had her back turned, I had a brilliant idea. I took out my wand. "Watch this..." I whispered. I aimed it at the back of Millicent's robes and, using a clever cutting charm, cut a very large hole in the back of that hideous mint green mess! Hermione was actually about to help Millicent! However, our laughing got the best of her, and we dragged her into the Great Hall.

We sat down at the tables and began eating. The food was absolutely delicious. We talked and laughed the whole time. Everything was so much more comfortable than it had been last year. Ron was exceptionally happy. I would have thought he would have felt under pressure, being with Hermione and all. I was really surprised at Harry. He was quite calm and had a good time. Then the food began disappearing off the tables and a band that had been setting up earlier began to play. I couldn't wait any longer, so I grabbed Harry by the hand and dragged him to the dance floor! Harry was a wonderful dancer. I couldn't tell last year since he only danced with Parvati the one time. He spun me around, twirled me, and dipped me as if he had been dancing for years. I had to ask him, "Harry Potter, where did you learn to dance so well?" Harry blushed a bit. "You weren't the only one who had help from Lavendar getting ready for this ball, Gin," he answered. "She gave me some private lessons." I pulled him a little closer. "Well, she did a wonderful job," I told him. He smiled at me, and we kept dancing. I managed to look over at Hermione and Ron just in time to see Hermione give Ron a kiss on the cheek. Then it was time to trade partners. The next thing I knew, Lee had grabbed me by the hand and was spinning me all over the place! Hermione was dancing with Harry, Fred was with Alicia, George danced with Angelina, and Ron was with Katie. Everyone got to dance with everyone else at least one. Fortunately, I didn't have to dance with any Slytherins. Most of the boys were surprising good dancers. Every now and then, however, I caught a glimpse of Neville stepping all over poor Susan Bones's toes.

Before we knewit, the music had ended, and everyone was making their was out of the hall. The four of us cutted to another door, crossed the lawns, and went to sit by the lakeshore. It was so beautiful. The moon and stars were all reflecting off the lake, and the four of us were so happy. We laughed and talked some more, but then it was very late, and we decided to go inside. Harry and I walked first, and then Ron and Hermione left. At first, we didn't say much, but then Harry tucked his hand into mine and pulled me closer. I rested my head on his shoulder and squeezed his hand. It was so lovely that we didn't feel the need to speak. At one point, I think I might have giggled, but Harry didn't seem to mind. When we finally reached the common room, Harry then pulled me close and KISSED ME! I mean, really kissed me on the mouth! I had no idea what to do, so I just rested my hands on his shoulders and kissed back. We stayed like that for what seemed like forever, until we heard "Jeez, what is it with you people?!" coming from Dean. Apparently, Ron and Hermione has been doing the same thing just outside the portrait hole. Harry and I broke apart, and then we girls said our good-nights. Then we made our way to the stairs. We reached the top when Hermione stopped us. She whipsered something, and we all grinned as her and nodded. "Hey Guys?" Lavender called out to the boys from the stairs. They looked back at us. "We forgot one more thing..."Parvati added. "ANd that would be?" Seamus asked. "THIS!" we four girls yelled, pointing our wands at them and shouting Hermione's colour-changin charm. The results were...a bit scary.
Ron's robes turned bright yellow, Harry's turned puke green, Dean's became tie-dyed, and poor Seamus got the worst of it: hot pink! We stayed around to see the horrified looks on their faces, and then we ran up to our rooms in peals of laughter.